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Curastream offers you access to a team of trained healthcare professionals that provide you with an online Injury recognition tool which helps manage and avoid injuries you identify based on your input.

In 3 simple steps, Curastream will provide you with a progressive rehabilitative training program that includes muscular strength & physiotherapy exercise videos, pictures, and tutorials to help you self-manage your recovery with a pro-active approach to injury remediation

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Upcoming Features

We are committed to providing our customers with new content based on evolving health practices and improvements. As a result, here are a few exciting features we’re working on to enhance the value of a Curastream Membership:

  • Expanding our selection of exercise therapy programs, exercises and videos
  • Enhancing our program tracking capabilities for greater visibility
  • Creating a Curastream App for improved access and usability


Select the body area that
best identifies your injury.

Save your exercise
therapy program to your dashboard.

Press play,
it’s that simple!

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