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Begin to Feel Healthier & Stronger in 7 Days

This is the Age of Information; the era of the screen. It’s easy to get lost, both mentally and physically in this world we’ve created. We have access to seemingly infinite information in the palm of our hands and can connect with people and ideas from around the globe, but we still find it difficult to focus on ourselves.

When we restrict me-time, we limit our ability to feel healthy in more ways than one – we reduce our perception of positive self-worth and we diminish our overall mental prowess. We restrict time for exercise and physical activity, and we make light of our uniqueness.

So how can we help ourselves to feel healthier and stronger in one week? What types of innovative tools are available to help motivate and push us to recognize the importance of our goals? That’s where we come in.



We’re Curastream – a distinct and interactive program dedicated to helping you focus in on, and connect to the individualistic nature of me-time, getting you back in the habit of bridging the gap between good mental health, personal fitness, and self-worth by utilizing affordable, accessible, and familiar tech-based platforms.

Curastream’s unique approach to preventative and restorative exercise and fitness helps you to realize your overall health goals with advanced video content, tutorials, and an exceptional stream of confidence-inspiring information to help you reach your ambitions – all with support from a team of trained healthcare professionals that give you the tools to identify and implement the best practices to positively impact your physical and mental health.

An affordable digital dashboard is available 24/7 to help you prevent and rehabilitate your sports and gym injuries, while helping you build the knowledge and skills to build confidence and reassurance in your fitness pursuits. An extensive library of exercise videos embraces aspects of mobility, flexibility, stability and strength using a human diagram prompt to help narrow your search.


Looking Good

We all have very different standards when it comes to defining beauty and self-worth. Some of us associate looking good with a new haircut or wardrobe, others may attribute looking good to an active lifestyle that yields hardwired genetic responses from other people.

In as little as 7 days, we can help ourselves to feel that we look great by adopting a number of powerful tools connected to a healthy lifestyle. So many people think that hitting the gym hard for a few hours per day is going to immediately affect their bodies, and therefore contribute to a positive physical change. While this isn’t entirely untrue, a big part of realizing positive changes in the gym or through sport is how you choose to fuel your body. A strict diet of comfort foods and convenient snacks isn’t going to have the same effect as leafy greens, fruits, plenty of water, lean meats, and reduced fats.

Adopting a healthy, balanced diet can immediately contribute to a perceived improvement in the glow of our skin, the sheen of our hair, and the shine in our eyes – your body will metabolize good fats and vitamins differently, and can contribute to a slimmer, leaner figure in just a few days. In as little as one week, motivating yourself to adopt a clean diet can hugely impact your energy levels as well, contributing to an almost addicting surge of spirit and activity.

Coupled with the right type of physical activity that includes aspects of stretch, cardio and weight training through sport or a gym setting complements a healthy diet. Gaining strength and power of body is pivotal to helping you address feelings in physical fulfillment.

But the formula is only half accomplished when we stop at the physical conditions we place on self-worth. Looking good on the outside in 7 days is largely connected to how we feel inside.


Feeling Good

Just like defining beauty and physical traits that we attribute with looking good, the psychological effects of feeling good are purely individualistic. Everyone feels their best determined by different factors, yet body and mind are intrinsically linked.

The building blocks of positive feelings are rooted in how they help you contribute to your own sustainable state of well-being and perceived self-worth. You may feel your best after a particularly good workout, or game. Maybe you feel your best after preparing a healthy meal and getting in a good 30 minute walk. Both are linked to the physical realm of activity, but there’s also self-esteem and motivation: how you regard yourself and your ability to stick to your goals.

In as little as a week, you can streamline your emotional feel-good levels by subtly adjusting the ways you think about your daily routine. This can be done by adjusting how you conduct yourself at work by choosing to stand at your desk or taking the stairs for example.

This can also be accomplished by choosing to wake up early to get in a quick half hour exercise or yoga practice before work. Further, it’s doable by telling yourself that by sticking to this plan, you’re on the road to feeling good about yourself each and everyday. It’s motivation we’re after.


Embracing A Healthy Routine

Routine is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a number of reasons. They can act as a sort of mental assistant. Integrating curstream to your busy schedule can help you to psychologically make your health, a gym session, a morning walk with the dog, or a healthy meal an integral part of your everyday.

When we develop a routine, the mental process of remembering the healthy aspects of our daily lives becomes automatic. Over time, a ritual or routine dedicated to health and an active lifestyle end up saving you time and energy, where you’ve struggled to makes decisions about your day in the past. This new framework of time management enables you to make small decisions out of previously daunting tasks – so you end up making better decisions more easily towards the things that truly matter.

Consider your Curastream routine like a special project, or homework, to help kickstart the beginnings of this beautiful relationship toward greater health and vitality. Creating this stable foundation of brainpower that’s ardent to your blossoming well-being helps people feel healthier and stronger through keeping you in control of the cemented fitness goals that you’re striving to achieve.


Mike Friesen
Mike Friesen

Mike Friesen has been in the industry of providing healthcare and strength training industries for more than 7 years. His passion is in educating patients and clients.

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