Has an old injury kept you from the things you love to do? Are you worried about your posture causing you irreparable damages? Are you thinking of starting a training program and want to make sure that you are moving in the right ways? All these questions are valid and often inquired about. This is why our team of expert "certified health care providers" have created an access to their expertise through online consultations. An easy, convenient and affordable way to get your questions answered quickly and have you moving in the right direction so that you can continue enjoying life the way you should.

Below are some videos explaining the ways our online consultations can assist you in your quest for answers.

Once you understand that Curastream's Online Consultations are the best way to go,

simply click on the individual certified health care provider in the "Book Your Online Consultation" section.

Online Video Consultations/General Q&A

This service is focused towards people who are going to the fitness center and have questions about their programs, looking for a program or looking for advice on resistance training.

Online Video Movement Analysis

This services is for those looking to have a movement analyzed (ie: squat, deadlift, running etc). We recommend booking 3 days in advance to allow time for you video to be analyzed. You will be sent an email requesting a video file to be uploaded for review. Please ensure that your video is a full head to toe in frame shot for best analysis.

Postural Analysis

This appointment is for anyone looking to have a their posture analyzed with a full report with recommendations. Please fill out the form carefully for accurate height and weight measurement. You will also receive an email requesting a side and front photo (head to toe). Loose clothing can reduce accuracy, tighter fit clothing or shorts and t-shirts with bare feet are best.


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