Curastream provides its members access to certified health care professionals, highly skilled and experienced in the disciplines they serve. They share this knowledge through custom designed programs aimed to help you get back to what you love to do, in less time and through online consultations that serve to structure and guide your progress every step of the way.

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Corporate Wellness

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs with Curastream:

  •  Decrease employee absenteeism
  • Reduce employee health-related stress costs
  • Easy to use Occupational Health and Fitness Programs
  • Telehealth video consultations available on any device
  • Healthier employees improves workplace productivity
How Curastream can help your employees stay healthy?

They help employees stay healthy by providing them access to custom designed programs specifically fit to their occupation and time availability.

How Curastream can help you attract Millenials to your business?

With Millennials now the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, their dislike of the status quo is forcing changes in how employee benefits plans are shaped, offered and delivered.

Millennials want more benefits – and the more flexible those benefits, the better. Their focus is on workplace wellness. Its made clear in the increase in paramedical claims, with massage therapies topping the list of demands, but chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture services are up, too.

And they want it easy. Fewer people these days – particularly among Millennials – want a complicated package of benefits… They hate filling out a long list of forms and want quick service and results.  They want an app, like the one they use to find coffee houses and pay for their Cappuccinos, giving them the ability to quickly access their plan and the information they need.

The thing is, Millennials believe there aren’t enough options in their employers’ benefit plans to satisfy their expectations – even though there’s been a concerted push among employers and insurers to enrich their benefit menus. And what compounds the problem? Millennials don’t have a solid grasp on the costs involved in offering a progressive plan.

As this trend takes hold, employers need to adapt and aggressively work on workplace policies to attract and retain this younger demographic.

Here are four important areas to address:

  • Take a hard look at your menu of benefits and make sure they reflect the needs and interests of your spectrum of employees as well as your overall company objectives.
  • Re-evaluate how you are communicating your benefits program to your staff: – what’s available, how to tap into them and how to be a smart consumer of services.  Keep your materials straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Make sure you’re leveraging technology.  For starters, it will facilitate usage with a population that’s always on the go. Online access to their wellness programs is a must. Having an app is even better.
  • Focus on benefits that emphasize and reward healthy behaviors, as wellness and prevention resonate more with today’s employees – particularly Millennials.

As Millennials increasingly dominate the workplace, they’re demanding more forward thinking on the part of employers and insurers than ever before. Organizations that adapt to what tomorrow’s generation of decision-makers want and need, will come out ahead.

Curastream can help you attract this demographic by providing them quality care along with the accessibility they need and want on technologies they use every day. We currently have a “mobile app” being developed that will be available very soon and help give these Millennials, even more, to cheer about!

How Curastream can help your business reduce its annual operational costs?

When employees call in sick, it impacts your entire operation with the additional burden of having another employee pick up the workload of the one that’s off sick. Curastream helps you maintain a happy, healthy workforce by providing programs that guide them on overall wellness, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. Programs they can even perform during lunch & learns in the boardroom, as a team. Including program services such as Curastream within your benefit plan can dramatically reduce your workforce injuries and “time away” incidences…therefore, reducing your overall operational costs.

How Curastream can help employers become wellness pioneers for their employees

As new generations take over the workforce, the “reactive” type of health care options are no longer the norm. Babyboomers were taught to visit a doctor when something felt wrong or if you felt sick. Prevention was not something that was discussed and inserting yourself in the recovery process was unheard of. Now, with the aging of Generation X and the Millenials becoming the majority of the next workforce, prevention and wellness is at the forefront of health approaches.

These 2 types of demographics have a more “proactive” approach to their health and want a bigger role in their well being.

System platforms and services such as Curastream may be foreign to older generations but are absolutely essential to the newer ones, even though these systems will benefit an aging generation that is becoming less and less mobile and therefore, will be poised to use these telehealth options from the comfort of their homes or retirement residence facilities.

The current workforce is keen on having an “involved” approach to their wellness and incorporating Curastream into your benefit plan could very well increase your market value in the eyes of not only your current employees but also of the potential prospects currently reviewing your company as their next career milestone. Curastream offers you the opportunity of becoming a pioneer in the offer of these “in demand” benefits to your demanding, deserving workforce.

Corporate wellness has increased in popularity over the last few years with working in closer proximity to one another, access to more online info, and gaining more options for group benefit packages.  But where does the employer start?  What’s their best options?  How reliable is digital health solutions?

These are all great questions, and the answer can require some research.  Make sure they can be contacted if you have any questions about their services.  Even though the service is done online, it’s comforting to know that you can speak with someone.  The type of services they offer will directly affect the team they employ.  Don’t be afraid to ask the company for their team’s credentials and experience, as these professionals will be the ones taking care of your employees.

Online or Telehealth services are becoming more mainstream and accepted across the corporate industry for their affordability, convenience, and accessibility.  This will ultimately mean that the services you’re paying for your employees to use will actually get used!  The increased performance by only one of your employees will not create a better team, health benefit usage requires a whole team buy-in approach for maximum effectiveness with Corporate Wellness Programs.

Curastream provides a complete & systematic approach to Corporate Wellness and Occupational Specific Program Delivery.

A platform that is easy to use, available online, accessible from anywhere, anytime and extremely affordable for the employer.

Curastream aims to provide the best online health experience through online consultations, information, and tangible programs for employees to use whether they are injured, preventing an injury from reoccurring or just wanting to stay healthy and fit.

Healthy, uninjured employees will increase productivity, output positive workplace behavior, and increase personal motivation.  When people are healthy, they are happy, regardless if they are at work or participating in recreation activities or Workplace Wellness Programs.

Contact Curastream today and find out how we can help you create and healthier and happier workplace environment!

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