Curastream provides its members access to certified health care professionals, highly skilled and experienced in the disciplines they serve. They share this knowledge through custom designed programs aimed to help you get back to what you love to do, in less time and through online consultations that serve to structure and guide your progress every step of the way.

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Insurance Providers

Benefits of Using Curastream for Group Benefits:

  • Assisting in Reducing Long-Term Disability Claims
  • Credible information written by Licensed Healthcare Professionals
  • Telehealth video consultations and programs accessible on any device, anytime
  • Practical Employee Assisted Programs
  • Greater employee usage with Digital Health Solutions
Is Curastream Virtual Healthcare a reliable option to add to your group benefit packages?

Yes, Curastream has taken every step to qualify the professionals on the team.  Group benefits insurance providers can rest easy knowing that Curastream’s professional team is fully licensed and insured with their respective governing bodies.  This means that all the content provided on the site is created by professional and certified therapists, that have the ability and scope of practice to give professional opinions on acute and chronic physical health conditions.

Who is providing the live consultations?

Currently, Curastream is providing online consultations in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.  The Curastream Team is continuing to grow and is prepared to continue expanding across the country and across the border into the US.  At the moment, we provide our users with Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and strength coaching consultations.

How is the consultation information kept secure?

Curastream uses HIPAA approved video and document encryption security for file storage and video consultation streaming.  Once the consultation is complete, all data that was recorded during the call is erased.  The only data that is saved is the date, duration, and time of the call.  No names, file transfer, or screen sharing actions are stored anywhere.  Our consultation documents are stored on an encrypted, off-site server that has been approved by the Canadian Privacy Standards, to be able to electronically store any type of file that may or may not contain personal medical information.

Is there a need for group benefit insurance providers to provide virtual healthcare?

The need for virtual or online healthcare is rapidly growing.  With the technology and security already in place, the convenience online health brings to people will allow them to get the help they need more often.  Also, group benefit providers need to consider that vastness of Canada and the remote communities scattered across the country that may not have access to in-person health resources within their community.  Online access is becoming more common to have than any other commodity, it’s our job as industry leaders to recognize that and to provide communities with new and innovative services and products.

Health insurance group benefits providers are always looking for ways to provide their clients with the newest and most affordable group health insurance packages to help their clients reduce disability claims as well as assist them in providing solutions that benefit their client’s employees well-being.

Where does Curastream fit in?  Where doesn’t it fit?

Curastream was created, designed and implemented specifically as a virtual digital health solution for individual and group benefit insurance providers.

Our website hosts many applications meant to assist in the rehabilitation of physical injury with a strong focus on injury preventionoccupational therapy and sports fitness and performance.

Curastream aims to lower disability claims by providing occupational specific programs that highlight high-risk injury areas and mitigate them by designing a program that will reduce that chance of injury for that specific occupation.

The injury prevention programs are aimed at guiding someone through a nagging injury or targeting a specific body area where the previous injury has occurred and prevented it from happening again.

Curastream’s physical rehabilitation programs have quality control measures in place so that the user does not progress too fast through the process and gains the results and benefits of getting back to being injury free.

Our greatest asset is our team of licensed and certified health care professionals that write, deliver, and stand behind all the content provided on the Curastream site.  So that when anyone accesses our information, they don’t have to second-guess its credibility or accuracy.  Curastream is the one-stop virtual healthcare shop for all of your physical health-related needs.

When health insurance providers look for these resources, credibility, reliability, and information security are the highest priority. 

Curastream provides all of these important qualities.

The Curastream Team encompasses many different health professionals that offer experience in their fields and bring credible information directly to the end user, therefore being the perfect fit for any insurance provider looking to enhance their current benefits package and place their company at a much more competitive level than their competitors.

With multiple ways to connect, state of the art scheduling software and a team of professionals who care, reliability will not be an issue.  Reliability builds reputation, and reputation is how you drive success.

Curastream is, and will always be, committed to the highest form of reliability.

With technology driving commercial industry, security of information is a top priority.  Curastream provides secure video connection for consultation through the platform.  This platform was specifically designed for telehealth and uses a secure encrypted connection along with not storing any data during a video call, so everyone, including the insurance providers, can rest easy that personal information is secure at all times.

All of our website file storage is held in a secure, HIPAA approved, database any payment processing data is handled through the secure connection of Stripe.  Curastream never holds any payment information on our servers.

Insurance providers need look no further when assessing if Curastream is a fit.  Employers are looking for digital health solutions for their employees and Curastream is spearheading the digital health world.  Let’s combine our resources and help the world.

Contact Curastream today and find out how we can help you become pioneers in the telehealth service offering!

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