Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a flaring up of the fascia layer between your feet and toes often resulting inflammation into that area. This layer also helps support the arches in the foot therefore causing pain when you walk and something even just when standing.

Preventing plantar fasciitis is a multi-direction approach.

First, you should find out if you have any pronation in your feet that would require the use of orthotics. This will help correct any imbalances in the feet and even your walking pattern and give your arches more support.

Secondly, invest in good running shoes. Try on a few pairs before purchasing to make sure your comfortable with the support they are giving you. Lastly, roll and stretch your feet daily and especially before exercise. Use a tennis ball and roll the bottom of your feet and minute or so each to loosen up the fascia so it is not so tight. And stretch your achilles tendon/ calf muscle along with toes extension stretches and you’re on your way!

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Achilles Strain

Straining your achilles tendon can be very debilitating and will cause pain into the calf muscle and down into the heel. Swelling can occur as well at the site of the injury with increase tenderness to the muscle and tendon in the area.

Achilles tendon strains can be avoided with the proper mobility in the ankle and calf muscle areas. Calf stretches will keep the achilles tendon and calf muscle pliable and ready load and/or activity. Also, a proper activity warm up should include things like foam rolling to increase muscle temperature and blood flow to the area to supply the appropriate amount of blood and nutrients to sustain the activity.

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